PUG Challenge Australia, March 10th to 11th 2020

White Star Software is proudly sponsoring the Australia PUG Challenge 2020 at Hotel View Sydney (formerly North Sydney Harbourview). There will be many sessions from White Star Software over the span of 2 days that will provide a hands-on experience through exciting breakout sessions. PUG Challenge Australia is a conference for everyone who uses Progress products to develop or run business systems, whether they be developers, software architects, database administrators, infrastructure specialists, business analysts or salespeople.  



Sessions from WSS



OpenEdge DBA Best Practices

Presented by: Tom Bascom – White Star Software 

Whether you have a single 10 user system or a horde of large systems with thousands of users come to this session to gather the latest tips and techniques for keeping your databases up and running, your users happy, your boss smiling, and your nights and weekends worry free! 


Why You Should Care About “Latches”

Presented by: Tom Bascom – White Star Software 

Come to this session to learn what a “latchis, how it enables reliable and highly concurrent access to your database, how to tune your system to optimize latching, and why you should be especially wary of “too many cores”! 


Lions and Tigers and Bears

Presented by: Adam Backman – White Star Software 

For all the talk of the risks to your data there are a few basic things you need to create a good working recovery plan. First, you need to focus on recovery and then you need to know who to include in the process, what you need to protect, the potential risk of each possible disaster and how much each disaster may cost your business. By determining the value of the data and the the cost to replace it if it is at all possible, you can build the correct size and cost recovery plan for your unique circumstances. This talk will focus on the business planning portion of recovery planning. While there will be discussion of specific technology components of the plan the focus will be on the who, what where, when and why of recovery planning. 


New Hardware, Worse Performance?!?

Presented by: Adam Backman – White Star Software 

You’ve migrated to bigger stronger faster and more expensive hardware but your OpenEdge environment is running slower. How is that even possible? In this session, we will look at some real-life case scenarios where performance results were actually worse on the new machine than the older one, how we tested and what corrections were needed in order to achieve better performance. Also, things to look out for when purchasing new hardware or migrating to the cloud.  



Presented by: Adam Backman – White Star Software 

Buying hardware is hard enough without vendors trying to fool you into buying something that is not right for your workload. Many vendors, Dell, IBM, HP, … will try to move you into systems with many CPU cores but all configurations are not the same. Shared memory RDBMS systems like Progress OpenEdge perform well in Symmetric multi-processor (SMP) environments but cannot perform as well in non-uniform memory access (NUMA) environments. 


The Ultimate Guide to OE Replication

Presented by: Paul Koufalis – White Star Software 

OpenEdge Replication is a great product that does exactly what it’s supposed to do, but there are plenty of important details that you cannot learn by reading the manual. Come to this session to learn best practices and all the sneaky little tricks and tips you’ll need to successfully deploy, monitor and maintain OE Replication.


Leveraging ProTop in Development and Test Environments

Prsented by: Paul Koufalis – White Star Software 

ProTop is a powerful tool that should be in every OpenEdge expert’s arsenal. As a developer, DBA or OpenEdge support professional, you need actionable insight into real time database and application activity. The free ProTop database monitor sorts, filters and groups realtime VST data into insightful analysis screens that help you debug complex issues and optimize the performance of your databases and application. 


Your Current Monitoring Is Not Enough

Presented by: Paul Koufalis – White Star Software 

Through examples and real customer case studies, this session will show you how individual enterprises and partners with dozens of clients leverage ProTop to ensure unparalleled performance and up-time of their OpenEdge environments. 

You’ll learn how ProTop is vastly more than a collection of simple alerting scripts.  

We’ll also show you the benefits of our web portal: with a quick glance at a single web page, we monitor the health of hundreds of databases around the world and immediately know that they are in good shape.  



Scope: Blocks, Buffers, Transactions and Locks

Presented by: Tom Bascom – White Star Software 

The interactions between Blocks, Buffers, Transactions, and Record Locks can sometimes seem arcane and mysterious. But there are actually just a few simple rules that govern these and which control the most fundamental aspects of your applications. 



North Sydney Harbourview Hotel,
17 Blue St, 2060,
Sydney, Australia

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