The OpenEdge DBA Files

The Cure for Chaos: Is DIY Worth the Time, Effort and Risk?

Now more than ever, the marketplace is flooded with tools that can support, automate, and/or analyze practically any aspect of your application lifecycle. Many of these tools are widely adopted and open source (read: common and free). Does common mean best-of-breed? Is stringing together free (often unsupported) open source solutions a prudent strategy for managing enterprise applications?

Should you DIY?

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Diet for a fat client

Gone are the days when a client can snack on fast food records served up directly from the McServer. Reading records one at a time over a network connection is like consuming empty calories. It’s not a good situation where the client is so fat that it can’t move or function quickly.

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The Curse of Deleted Key Placeholders

This week, Patrice Perrot from PROGINOV joins Paul Koufalis to talk about deleted key placeholders.

After a massive data purge, you run idxcompact, right? You want to remove all those deleted key placeholders polluting your index.

Guess what? Idxcompact doesn't remove those placeholders the way you think it does.

What is a Deleted Key Placeholder?

From the Progress Documentation:

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New Programmer Series: Getting Started with the OpenEdge ABL

Today’s blog post comes from Jaison Antoniazzi, a 20+ year OpenEdge expert from Brazil and author of two books in Portuguese on OpenEdge.

Jaison has embarked on an ambitious project for 2022: 365 days of Progress OpenEdge development tips, which he is sharing on LinkedIn!

Tip #1: Setting up a development env

This first tip is to create a development shortcut for building programs. First step is to collect three files that we will use in this shortcut, these are:

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