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Paul Koufalis

Paul Koufalis is the President of White Star Software. He began his OpenEdge DBA career more than 25 years ago after completing a Computer Engineering Degree at McGill University. Today, he’s known for his pragmatic and ROI-centric approach when working with White Star’s global client base. When he’s not staring at his multiple immense computer screens (how much is too much?), you can probably find him speaking at a Progress event somewhere in the world or being roughed-up by his twin boys back home in Montreal.

New DBA Series: Please Don't CRASH Your Database AGAIN!!

Read on for more soul crushing, database corrupting, career killing ways to CRASH your OpenEdge database!

Linux "Out of Memory Killer"

A Linux self-preservation mechanism, the OoMK terminates a process when memory is over-committed. Unsurprisingly, the OoMK kills the process consuming the most memory, which, most likely, is the database broker process.

A quick Google search will turn up numerous interesting articles on how to avoid this situation, including ways to tune "oom_adj". In practice, though, it is unlikely that your database will be spared and you are better off making sure that you have ample memory to handle the expected workload on your server. 

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