Introducing the new ProTop Portal!

The long-extant ProTop Portal has gotten a facelift. It has been long enough! We've added many new features and user experience improvements across the board.

Cross reference

For those familiar with the long-standing ProTop Portal, here is an article detailing the existing visual references and their equivalents in the new portal.

The New Alerts Dashboard

The new ProTop Alerts Dashboard now allows users to filter and view Resources and related Alerts, all in real-time as of the latest refresh.  See this article for an introduction to the new alerts dashboard for more detail.

The New Resources Window


The Resource window contains a list of all the resources available to the role of the person logged into the portal. See this article for an in depth review of the new resources window.

The New Alerts Window

The ProTop Portal Alerts window displays all ProTop alerts for your monitored resources in reverse chronological order, showing the most recent alerts on top. See this article for an in-depth review of the new Alerts window.

The Brand New Omnisearch Bar

Use omnisearch to find resources and alerts that are important to you. Customize your Alerts Dashboard, so you see just those resources and alerts as soon as you log in or whenever you return to the dashboard. See this article for an in-depth review of the brand new omnisearch feature of the ProTop Portal.


The new ProTop Portal makes it much simpler to get at the data that is most important to you.

As with all things ProTop, click the document icon from the left side menu or visit and search by keyword for more information.



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