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Jaison Antoniazzi

Hi, I'm Jaison Antoniazzi. I'm a Progress ABL programmer, at least I believe in it, and I build my systems believing in it. I've developed client/server systems, I've developed web templates for WebSpeed solutions, developed solutions with GUI Forms for .NET, REST solutions with OpenEdge Classic and PASOE. I’ve developed lots of cool stuff! Too curious, I like to share information, help people to solve their doubts, get some smiles with my unfunny jokes (and I know a lot of) and cheer for my soccer team, Palmeiras.

New Programmer Series: Getting Started with the OpenEdge ABL

Today’s blog post comes from Jaison Antoniazzi, a 20+ year OpenEdge expert from Brazil and author of two books in Portuguese on OpenEdge.

Jaison has embarked on an ambitious project for 2022: 365 days of Progress OpenEdge development tips, which he is sharing on LinkedIn!

Tip #1: Setting up a development env

This first tip is to create a development shortcut for building programs. First step is to collect three files that we will use in this shortcut, these are:

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